Other Worlds

Featuring David Matthews and Geanna Merola.
Curated by bahdeebahdu and InLiquid, Other Worlds presents photography that begins with ordinary physical reality that is transformed through careful examination, purposeful presentation, and the poetic handling of imagery. The effect is a cognitive dissonance in which the viewer is caught between the familiar and unfamiliar, and the everyday world is seen in a new way.
Selected works by the artists will be available at the bahdeebahdu gallery until August 28th.


JAMBALAYA | Multi-Media Showcase

A fusion of styles, aesthetics and artistic mediums, JAMBALAYA promises a visual cuisine that’ll satiate the voracious creative appetite.
Showcasing the visual work of Jeffrey “Jombi” Stovall, Juan Dimida, and James Tafel Shuster, JAMBALAYA features how vastly different artistic flavors can come together to complement one another in unique, exciting ways!
Selected works by the artists will be up at the bahdeebahdu gallery until May 9th.

Kevin Broad | Island Works

The current collection at the bahdeebahdu gallery features Kevin Broad’s “Island Works”, a series of large, striking paintings inspired by visits to Rincon, Puerto Rico and Swans Island, Maine over the last year.
Island Works will run from November 13th to January 4th.